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Weeks staring from 3 June 2018


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Week 03 - from 16 jun to 23 jun - FREE


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For information anf methods of payment write to us below

Travel price...




  • The participation fee is € 1,100.00 per person for 7 nights, for a maximum of 4 people booked in the same week.

The price includes:


  •  Overnight stay 7 nights, with arrival on Saturday and departure the following Saturday.
  •  Full board service, with breakfast, packed lunch on the boat, and dinner.
  •  Transportation from Stockholm / Skavsta airport to the lodge and back.
  •  Guide service for each boat.
  •  Fishing tackle.
  •  Boats equipped and supplied with full fuel. The consecuitive supplies are charged to the customer.
  •  Flight included from Bergamo / Orio al Serio airport to Stockholm / Skavsta and back, up to a
  • maximum of € 100 upon reservation not less than 60 days.

The fee does NOT include:


  •  Alcoholic beverages at meals.
  •  Hold baggage and/or transport of sports equipment.
  •  Successive refueling of boats.
  •  Insurance for personal injury and property damage.
  •  Anything not expressly indicated under "The price includes".
  • Upon payment of the deposit (50% of the total amount), the proposal will be considered accepted, the
  • remaining 50% must be paid within 15 days before to the departure date.
  • This proposal is subject to mandatory membership with the association as the promotional cost is reserved
  • only for members, and is valid only for the current year.
  • The cost of the membership card for the year 2018 is € 10.00.



We are in the south of Sweden,160km from the capital. Norrköping overlooks the Baltic Sea in the Bråviken

Bay, at the mouth of the Motala ström river, the main outlet of Lake Vättern.

The first mention of the city in an official document dates back to 1283, when Sofia of Denmark (wife of

Valdemar I of Sweden) donated the fishing rights of salmon to the Skänninge monastery. The achievement

of the status of the city occurred at the beginning of the XIV century even if the first written document

(signed by Albert of Sweden and kept in the city archive) is dated 1384.

At the beginning of the XVII century there was a rapid expansion due to the installation of some textile

factories built on the initiative of Louis de Geer, a Belgian emigrant. In 1790 the number of inhabitants was



Wher is the lodge


The lodge is located just a few minutes from the village of Norrköping, 250 meters from the Baltic Sea, in

the Gulf of Bråviken. The accommodation is divided into two separate units, one with two bedrooms,

shared bathroom, lounge, kitchen and veranda, the other unit has double bedroom and living room.

The lodge is 31 km from Lake Roxen, 22 km from Lake Glan. The boats will be moored in Glan lake, but

within the week, we will have the opportunity to move from one lake to another, and from the Baltic to the

river, where we will search and trap all predatory fish species present, always with the principle that

distinguishes the Pikeclub: respect and protection of the specimens, wherever we are.

Wher we'll go fishing


The spots that we will have available will be multiple: Lake Glan, with its large pikes and high depths up to

22 meters, and Lake Roxen, which, however, with its waters not exceeding 7 meters, falls within the

standard of depth of the Swedish internal basins, where we are going to undermine pikes, zanders, royals

perchs and aspius.

We will also explore the stretch of Motala Strom river that joins the two lakes, where we will go wading, to

find large brown trouts basically lacustrized.

Finally, The Baltic Sea and its emissary that crosses the country, will give us the opportunity to undermine,

as well as our beloved pike, the famous sea trout of sizes even higher than 10 kg.

Glan Lake


With an area of 73 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 22 meters, Lake Glan, located a few miles

from the lodge, will be the spot that will take more care. Thanks to our boats, our guides and our

equipment, we will go search of big pike females, hoping to give you your personal record, the dream Big


In 2017 the lake record was a 129 cm specimen.


Pike Club - info e prenotazioni 3396768713 - pikeclub@hotmail.it - Castelnuovo don bosco (AT) Fraz. Morialdo 48